Looking for the best affordable retirement lifestyles?

With some good planning and dose of creativity it is very possible to find a retirement lifestyle that is exciting, fulfilling, and affordable! The best way to find a lifestyle that is affordable is to start thinking about what you enjoy, where you want to live, and what you want to do every day in retirement. With planning, research, and hard work you should be able to pull it off.


A Sampler of Affordable Retirement Lifestyles

Below is a list of some of the more interesting affordable retirement lifestyles. It is by no means the comprehensive list, you are only constrained by your imagination.

  • House sitting or swapping. There are websites to facilitate this lifestyle
  • Open up a business. Think about what services are in short supply in your area. Home repairs and computer fixes are always needed. You can go to community college and learn these and other skills. In affluent areas people need someone to take care of their pets, and they will pay handsomely for the privilege.
  • Live in an RV or boat. Sell your home and try the mobile lifestyle. You can do it full-time or part of the year
  • Ferry boats, cars, or RVs. Wealthy people need to get their toys to their seasonal destinations – and you can do the driving
  • Become an RV technician. Charge or barter for services in a community. Owners and developers always need someone who can fix things or perform essential services. You might be able to get paid or barter your rent
  • Cohousing. Although some shared housing arrangements are at the luxury end, others offer a low cost way to share expenses
  • Work part-time. Find a job and the additional income might make the difference between a so-so lifestyle and a nicer one. You can usually trade work at a golf course, tennis complex, nature center, or ski resort for free recreation
  • The expatriate lifestyle. Move to Mexico, Costa Rica, or South America. Housing and other expenses can be much cheaper

Here are some more lifestyle suggestions on how to achieve a more affordable lifestyle:

  • Move to an area away from the coasts. You still can live in a college town or a tourist area, as long as you stay away from the expensive areas that are typically near the coasts
  • Downsize. Sell your expensive home and car and downsize. Take the extra money and invest it
  • Buy in a manufactured home community. Manufactured homes, which are built in a factory and final-assembled on site, can offer a high level of quality at a much lower price than stick-built homes
  • Buy a resale, short sale, or foreclosed home. Sure, these options are a lot more work and sometimes more risk. But, if want a higher quality of life and don’t have the money, your time, patience, and hard work can be the grease that makes a higher quality of life possible.

To find more affordable places to retire we suggest you use a free tool called the Retirement Ranger which will allow you to screen on cost of living and 7 other factors such as region and January temperature.


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